Athlete Profile - Jane

Aug 24, 2021

Over the next few months I thought you may like to hear from someone other than me!! 

Seeing as the fab athletes I have had the pleasure of coaching at Mojo are all so unique in their tri journeys, I have decided to share some of their motivations, advice to other athletes and challenges they have overcome so far.

So for the very first Mojo Athlete Profile I would like to introduce Jane:


(Jane on the latest Mojo Triathlon Camp, swimming in Bude Seapool in North Cornwall)


How long have you been training/competing in triathlon?
I have not been competing that long. I completed my first one in 2018. I started ‘training properly’ in May this year. I love the training aspect and look forward to the challenges this brings. 
What made you choose triathlon as a sport?
I did not really choose triathlon as such, in all honesty I was a bit fearful and apprehensive at first because I thought it was something I would not be able to do. It was my partner that booked my first one for me. I had no expectations and thought I would try it once and see what I thought of it all. I completed it and was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed myself. In fact, it was my choice to book another one and see whether I could improve. Now, I am planning which events I want to take part in next year!!
What inspired you to start triathlon?
I watched my partner complete their first ever triathlon and enjoyed the atmosphere. The big smiles on the faces of everyone I watched crossing over that finishing line inspired me to give it a go. I wanted to experience that sense of achievement myself!
Whats your favourite, and least favourite, disciplines?
I started cycling in my 40’s. Loved the idea of being out in the fresh air and exploring different places. The coffee and cake shops have always been a highlight too!
I would say Swimming is probably the least favourite. I don’t dislike swimming as such but it has been a big challenge for me this year! Two years ago I could not put my face in the water or wear goggles and could not swim. After a few lessons and a lot if grit and determination I have made some big improvements and become a lot more confident in the water. I am now regularly swimming 2km at our local lake and have even had a go at sea swimming. My aim now is to improve my technique and get faster!
What was your goal this year for tri and do you feel you have achieved it?
(a) To improve my swimming and be able to swim distance. The coaching I have had, and the support and encouragement from my ‘tri buddies’ has helped me achieve this.
(b) My other goal this year was to complete a 70.3!!
(In the bag and got the sweatshirt to prove it!!).
 The best thing was sharing the experience with friends i.e. a small group of us set off and finished the 70.3 journey together!
Jane and her tri buddies after all completing Cowman 70.3
What things have helped you most in triathlon so far?
  • Having a structured training plan and challenging myself.
  • Not taking everything too seriously and remembering that the reason I do this is for fun.
  • I have made some amazing friends through triathlon. We all meet regularly and help and support each other with training. Having their support keeps me going whenever I start to doubt myself.
Do you have any advice or recommendations for ladies starting out in tri now?
  • Don’t be afraid to give it a go.
  • Don’t be concerned about ‘times’ and have fun.
  • Remember to smile all the way round, it really helps (especially for the ‘photo finish’ when you cross over the line).
  • The sense of pride with what you have achieved when you cross over the finish line is priceless!
  • Get a good coach and/or follow a good training plan. It really helps you to focus and make the most out of your sessions.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask others for advice on things you are unsure about. Everyone is always friendly and willing to help.
  • The most important thing is remember you are doing this for YOU and no-one else!!


Thankyou Jane :) 

If anyone would like to hear more about triathlon coaching so you can start thinking about your 2022 tri goals, then please feel free to speak with Lou or check out the website for more info: 

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Look forward to more athletes profiles in the coming weeks.

Have a fab rest of your week,