Athlete Profile - Sam

Oct 04, 2021

Hello triathletes!

It's coming to the end of tri race season in the UK and we are reflecting on a fantastic year of swim, bike and run successes. 

Mojo Academy coached athlete Sam has had quite the year to reflect on. Her first tri camp, her first 70.3, her first Olympic distance, and boy did it all go well. 

We can't wait to work with Sam for the winter season, helping her work on some identified areas of tri that will help her become stronger, fitter and faster in 2022. 

Here's what Sam has to say about her tri journey so far:


How long have you been training/competing in triathlon?
Did my first triathlon in 2018, totally winged that year training for it, I thought it was just a bit of swimming, biking and running. How wrong I was!

Totally loved it though and loved the whole community behind it and how helpful and encouraging everyone was…… I couldn’t believe it when the ‘cool’ proper triathletes with TT bikes and disk wheels actually made time to talk to me and help me in transition setting up….

What made you choose triathlon as a sport?
I have always loved swimming and enjoyed being out on a bike and wanted to have something in my life that I could enjoy, after many years of being around and having horses then going through a spell
of not having any hobbies.

I wanted to find something where I could be competitive and enjoy a
challenge, as well as a way of making friends with likeminded people. Triathlon seemed to tick those boxes…..


What inspired you to start triathlon?
Randomly seeing an event on TV in 2017 after having a bit of a rubbish year of being ill, I decided it looked like fun. So found an event locally  and booked it there and then for 2018.

Whats your favourite, and least favourite, disciplines?
I love both swimming and the bike I cant separate the two they both make me smile…. Running is a love hate relationship. I want to love it but need to make some big improvements before I do…. Plus running always seem to hurt……….

What was your goal this year for tri and do you feel you have achieved it?
To complete my first 70.3 my goal was to just finish it as I really doubted it was something I could do, due to the half marathon run at the end. Being a non runner I really wasn't sure id get round.

Thankfully with Lou’s fab coaching, and support from family and friends I got round and thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so I want to do 2 next season!!!


What things have helped you most in triathlon so far?

Having a coach hands down has helped me the most by far, having structure to my training sessions and scheduled rest and recovery. Especially learning to recover like a ‘Pro’ and that recovery is as important as all the hard sessions put in!

Do you have any advice or recommendations for ladies starting out in tri now?
Go for it….. triathlon is so inclusive everyone is really friendly and helpful. Seek help and advice from platforms such as Mojo Sisters. If you are able to get a coach such as Lou who can guide you through the process. Most of all enjoy it, we do this for fun and the self achievement you get once you cross the line is something that can't be beaten.


Pic: Completing her first ever 70.3 in style. We can't wait for more finish line pics in the coming months and years. 

Huge thank you to Sam for the athlete profile. 

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Have a fab week, stay classy!

Lou x