Athlete Profile - Steph

Oct 05, 2021

Hello Triathletes!

We are back with a new athlete profile from none other than Outlaw Queen Steph.

Steph has been involved in tri for a decade and a half, completed 10 Outlaw events (whoa!), been part of the GB age group team, completed 3 Iron distance events, and finished a 10k swim!

Plus Steph is a founding member of the Mojo community, was our Chef on the very first Mojo Majorca tri camp, and is a personal friend and race buddy of mine for the last 15 years.  She even flew half way round the world to support me at Kona in 2016.   

She's wise as an owl, so read on and find out below what advice she has for female triathletes and all new - comers. 

How long have you been training/competing in triathlon?
I have been active all my life but really started to focus more toward triathlon in 2008 with Bude being my first event.

What made you choose triathlon as a sport?
I had started to run a bit again as part of a “Race for Life” team and then tried to swim and realised I was somewhat lacking in fitness, so determined to get going again I built in some swim, bike and run
informally into my week and then it seemed obvious to try an event. In fact my other half suggested I give it a go…….this means I can blame everything that has followed on him!

What inspired you to start triathlon?
I think to was the personal challenge of putting the sports together, I joined a local tri club and had lots of helpful advice and some great swim coaching and some fun so thought why not? I was also lucky enough to have friends who were either new into the sport or very experienced such as Peggy Crome who is a real inspiration and friend.

Whats your favourite, and least favourite, disciplines?
I would have automatically have said swim as my favourite but I think as time has gone on I now love the biking part as a close second, running has always been my least favourite but I have over the years really worked on it and and had some real success so I know when I’m running well I can do well.

What was your goal this year for tri and do you feel you have achieved it?
This year, like many people, it was all about just getting back to events (and trying to remember what had been deferred!) and some consistent training.

The last few years have been marked by relocating, family ill health, change in work and bereavement as well as understanding my own abilities more as I’ve got a bit older. It has all been about finding a way back and accepting I am where I am now and that I can get back to training and loving triathlon again.

I really do think I have managed this with the help of my Coach (and friend). I’m back loving open water swimming, really enjoyed the biking and even the turbo sessions and although I think work to do on the running…….I know that will come back strong.

My aim now is to really work hard on strength and conditioning as I can see real benefits from that.

What things have helped you most in triathlon so far?
I think maintaining a sense of humour and knowing that it won’t always go right so make the most of it but loving it when it does. Visualising running down the finish carpet is a great help!

Having fabulous support crew – who although often don’t come to events they do the day to day support at home to allow me to train and travel. Knowing when to back off or get some help with injury I think is crucial and thinking about and trying to get nutrition right.

Do you have any advice or recommendations for ladies starting out in tri now?
Go for it! Get help, ask as many questions as you want and do it with a smile on your face. Being part of a group of like minded people and having a coach or following a plan will really help build your

Taking part in events with friends and making trips to them an adventure is also a great way to see the race as the fun part after the training.

Thanks so much for sharing your fab tri story so far. 

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Have a great day, and train safe 

Lou x