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Jul 13, 2022

Hello Mojo Sisters!

I hope you are finding ways to cool off in this stunning UK weather 🥵

Definately more swimming than running weather, which is why we are delighted to be announcing that Angela has won our Magic 5 Goggle competition, well done to her! And thank you to those of you who took the time to enter. 

Our free 8 week Mojo Run Challenge is half way through and all the athletes are doing so great, despite the weather challenges. Last week we had a recovery week, and this week we are back to it with more technique tips and run sessions planned. 

I also wanted to say "Thankyou" to those of you who wished us well with our recent move to Bristol. We are currently doing up our very 'characterful' 1930’s home and have been discussing (a lot) the joys of plumbing, electrics and carpentry for quite a few weeks now. I guess it makes a change from all the triathlon chat!!!

Whilst discussing DIY this week, it got me thinking thinking about something I read a few months ago, long after I established Mojo Sisters, and it’s about carpentry of all things! I have just realised it explains perfectly how I felt about this weekend.  

On Sunday, 6 Mojo coached athletes took on the Cotswold Classic triathlon. Two of them, Heather and Nat, were doing this distance for the first time. Just to recap this is a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and a 13.1 mile run. We were also joined by another Mojo, Sue, recovering from her Challenge Roth efforts the week before. Sue brought her cheerleading A game!

In another county, Mojo athlete Heather took on one of the toughest tris in the UK (Croyde Oceanfest) and it was still only her second season doing triathlon. Mojo athlete Hannah was marshalling that tri, which she deiced to do after sadly being affected by an injury leading up to the race.

We have an incredibly vibrant Facebook group that all wishes each other good luck for their races. And this weekend was no different. The Cotswold contingent all met at the waterpark for registration, and we then headed out for ‘the last supper’! The mood was slightly tinged with nerves but buoyed with excitement too.

At the lakeside the next morning the anxiety was rising at the challenge ahead, plus the added temperature forecast for that run!! I'm sure it was no different for those soon to be tackling Croyde tri either.


It was clear to see there were some valiant efforts of keeping nerves in check, and some very wide eyed triathletes amongst the Mojo crew!

But the support was incredible, banding together to get each other into the water and off on their adventures. There were hugs, tough love and tears. The thought of all the training behind them and the long road ahead.  

As the last of the athletes entered the water, the support crew quickly got into position to spend the next several hours cheering, encouraging and smiling.

But that wasn’t where the support ended. Within the race the athletes were cheering each other on as they passed on bikes and criss-crossed on the run.

Nat and Heather (below) were doing this distance for the first time, and are best friends. Coincidentally they found each other on the run and joined forces. They have worked and trained together for 9 months for this challenge and now quickly realised they could help each other in the searing heat of the midday sun, and push each other to the finish line.

Messages from Hannah, marshalling at Croyde, were then coming in, letting us know of Heather's amazing race.  We relayed this to the athletes to keep their spirits up! It perked up the runners to hear the great news of their club mate. 

In the meantime Sam sadly had to pull out due to injury on the run. Although devastating for her, she quickly set about supporting all the others who were still out there.

Many people would have retracted, feeling defeated and saddened by a DNF (did not finish). Sam's selfless efforts to quickly switch to 'support mode' shows the humility and grace of a true athlete and team member amongst all her disappointment. 

Whilst reading a book by Glennon Doyle last year Called 'Untamed' I learnt about a carpentry term that was so fitting of this weekend. It is called ‘Sistering’. This is the definition of it:

“Sistering joists is a construction technique that involves joining 2 sets of opposing joists to provide lateral support and prevent cracking.

It is a highly effective method of adding extra strength”

Witnessing the support throughout the months and months of training for their events, and especially on that VERY hot day in both Croyde and Cotswolds races, Mojo athletes have shown what it really means to be a team. They have demonstrated ‘sistering’ at every opportunity, and they are stronger for it.

The athletes in Mojo have a collective goal of pushing themselves to see what they are capable of. It’s a truly bonding experience, but it's not without it's challenges as with anyone who pushed their limits. There are often feelings of fear and doubt as they face their biggest challenges yet.  

But doing it with team mates, in this wonderful community they have all built, is as they say “a highly effective method of adding extra strength” as they demonstrate "sistering" at it's best 

Here’s to more Sistering, and more weekends like this.

Have a wonderful rest of your day

Lou x